Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Hey, my name is Dom! I am a software engineer that works across multiple stacks and have been doing so for 2 1/2 years. I pushed myself to learn as much as I could take in the pursuit to learn “all the things,” knowing good and damn well that this is not a destination but a journey. What I want to share with you today is the most impactful things that I learned and a few other tidbits along the way.

We will begin this story at 0300 last night. I knew I was not…

I started coding roughly a year ago. One of the things that stuck with me from my programming origin was, “Always Be Learning!” I had a teacher that said that over and over again. Well, I took this little snippet to heart! I also learned that although my teacher said what he meant, the level that I took it to probably wasn’t the level that he intended. …

Learning to Code? This is a few things I learned NOT to do

I am going to be as candid as possible so if I curse, don’t judge me. What I want to do is explain what creates unnecessary stress. I am probably not going to say anything that you don’t already know, but it’s helpful for me to keep saying it.

My software development journey began at LaunchCode, which is a great place to get some of the fundamentals of coding under your belt. There are multiple programs taught by gifted and patient teachers that truly want you to…

Dom Hallan

Hi! My name is Dom Hallan. I am a software engineer with a deep desire to learn and teach others what I know.

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